Imaginal Exposure therapy

  • A CBT based therapy 
  • This process involves confronting the feared situations, sensations, or images through re-imagining the traumatic event only (in the safety of the therapeutic office or your home - if online).
  • Through sharing details of the trauma event sequentially and with language, dissociated memories (e.g. flashbacks paired with sensations) related to the trauma are transferred across into “everyday memory”, from the amygdala, 
  • 1 hour - available face-to-face or online
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Customer Reviews

"I first saw Richard in 2003 at a time in my life when I was at a crossroads. Since then, I have seen Richard at various times for guidance, support and direction both in good times and bad. I have found his feedback and support invaluable. He is a warm, empathic and understanding person, whose insight and intuition is second to none. I don’t know how he is able to do what he does but he is able to “read” me and offer me an opportunity for healing that has enriched my life. I am a mental health/healing professional myself and the spirituality and soul that Richard brings to his work has inspired me professionally, as well as allowing me to benefit personally and make decisions in my life that are designed to bring me what I need when I need it so that I am a better person and better able to receive what is right for me."
Katie – Psychologist
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