In my counselling sessions, I believe that our mind, body and intuition are all closely linked and all three aspects need to be honoured, nurtured & understood in order for us to function at our optimum.

I also have worked for an organisation assisting people deal with their addictions (in a group setting) and have developed solid skills in this field.

You will also be met my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bea, who has a knack of knowing when someone is in need of nurturing.

In addition, my counselling sessions can be of great benefit particularly when various issues have surfaced during a healing or intuitive session. Through the promotion of self-awareness, such issues will be examined and practical and realistic solutions explored. Cost for a 1-hour session is $120.

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I work from a holistic perspective (mind, body & intuition) and employ a variety of methods to help address the needs and objectives of each individual person.

These include:

  • Working holistically.
  • Developing strategies, plans and coping mechanisms.
  • Share awareness and understanding around any mental and/or emotional blocks that may hinder change and/or cause distress
  • Instruct and guide to help identify where pain may be held in the body and ways in which to release this pain in a safe and manageable way.
  • Assist in supporting and identify any unhelpful thoughts and/or ongoing thinking that may be causing lack of motivation, feelings of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.
  • Recognize and pinpoint any unique patterns or ongoing cycles, which result in problematic or undesired behaviours.
  • Encourage self empowerment and introduce strategies on how to take more responsibility and ownership of situations
  • Practical and useful CBT tools are introduced as an option to bring more awareness, insight and understanding to any problematic behaviours and negative experiences associated with the addiction. (I am experienced in working with addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food, work to name a few.) Applying the SMART model of recovery.
  • A solution-focused model is adopted
  • Help to develop and build trust around getting in touch with your “gut instinct” as a way of planning and making choices.
  • Help to collaborate

If you are experiencing any of the following concerns or feelings, I believe I may be able to help you through the process of:

  • Ongoing anxiety/stress
  • Patterns and cycles of behaviour which are now becoming problematic
  • Difficulty in letting go of the past
  • Guidance and support in personal direction (s)
  • Unhelpful thought patterns
  • Relationship issues
  • General life concerns that seem unmanageable or overwhelming
  • Managing issues with addictions as a user and/or carer
  • Self esteem issues.
  • Emotional difficulties that are problematic
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Concerns over body

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I am honoured to bring you more than fifteen years experience in intuitive readings, counselling and energetic healing. HAVE A QUESTION?

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