Energetic Healing

What is energetic healing?

Energetic Healing is a therapy that aims to facilitate the body’s natural healing process through addressing energy blocks residing in the body, both in the subtle bodies and the physical body.

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My role as facilitator

My work therefore involves facilitating healing by working on clearing blocks (unresolved emotional trauma such as anger, frustration, sorrow, fear, betrayal, hurt, anxiety/stress just to name a few) that have penetrated the subtle bodies and rested in the physical body. To facilitate a more holistic approach to the bodies healing, both the subtle bodies and the physical body need to be aligned & therefore require equal attention.

At the completion of the healing, key points of the session are discussed such as where “blocks” resided, why they are residing in the location of the body, what impact it is having in the body and to seek further support outside the session, if needed.

Overall the key elements of the session are as follows:

  1. Facilitate the clearing of energetic blocks residing in the body
  2. Promote energetic flow where the blocks have resided as well as throughout the body whole (both subtle and physical body)
  3. Bring awareness to ones energy projection to help understand its impacts internally and externally.
  4. Explore healthier “energy projections” that promote more desired outcomes.
  5. Investigate ingrained patterns & cycles of behavior and explore solutions in order to promote ongoing lifestyle balance.